Наталья Водянова в Instagram

Наталья Водянова в Instagram

Thanking all of you everyday for believing in me For inquiries timon@supernova.agency #letstalkaboutperiods #elbi #nakedheartfoundation

@antoinearnault , "Я искала тебя годами долгими, искала тебя ночами темными, в журналах, в кино, среди друзей, в день когда нашла, с ума сошла". Thank you, my love, for being you - I pinch myself every day to make sure you are not just a dream. I think no one believes that love and passion we read about in books really exists until we meet it in real life and it changes everything. I wish everyone who is still looking to find it one day soon. By the way, you may already know that person, it's not that obvious. It takes openness and trust and a lot of care, unconditional love and patience to mine that true love out especially in the crazy fast world we live in #abitofmywisdom #loveyouall

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